Data & Code from publications

We aim to put all data acquired in the lab online. Data from our collaborators will only be posted with their permission. All code ran on our machines at the time of publication, but comes with no guarantee that it will run on your machine or on a different version of Matlab. We do not provide any support for our code.
Wilson, R. C., Geana, A., White, J. M., Ludvig, E. A., & Cohen, J. D. (2014). Humans use directed and random exploration to solve the explore-exploit dilemma. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General [data]
Wilson, R. C., Nassar, M. R., & Gold, J. I. (2010). Bayesian online learning of the hazard rate in change-point problems. Neural Computation, 22(9), 2452-2476 [code]
Wilson, R. C. (2009). Parallel Hopfield networks. Neural Computation, 21(3), 831-850 [code]

Useful MATLAB functions

Small but useful functions: