Ya'at'eeh, Shí éí Donovan Pete yinishyé

Naakaii Diné éí nishłí

I am from the Moving People clan.

Dził tááh Diné Kinyaa'aanii báshíshchíín

Born for the Side of the Mountain People of the Towering House clan.

Mąíí Deeshgiizhnii dashicheii

My maternal grandfathers are of the Coyote Pass Clan.

Ná'toh Diné Táchii'nii dashinálí

My paternal grandfathers are of the Tobacco People of the Red-Streaking-Into Water clan.

Hello, my name is Donovan Pete, I'm a graduate student at the UA School of Information, I plan to graduate in December of 2017 with an MA in Library and Information Science.

I'm originally from Tsin Nasbah Si'ah (Smith Lake) located on the Eastern Agency of the Navajo Nation. I have nearly 12 years of graphic and web design experience. I realized the need to find various means to continue tribal culture and knowledge in shome shape or form.

  • Documenting, preserving indigenous languages
  • Preserving intangible expressions: stories, songs, words, language use, and histories
  • Transference of cultural expressions from physical medium into digital
  • Document and create usable metadata to track origin and eventual branches of recorded piece
  • Assist tribal archives, cultural centers, libraries, and museums