Astr 545; Fall 2015
Tuesday - Thursday 2:00-4:00pm, SO 204

Astrophysics of Stars and Accretion

In this class, we will start by reviewing the basic equations and physical processes related to hydrodynamics, radiative transfer, and nuclear astrophysics. We will then apply this knowledge to the study of the structure and evolution of stars and of accretion flows.

We will be exploring a very large range of physical theories and processes. However, we will concentrate on the physical ideas and their applications, without sacrificing rigor and detail. The prerequisite for this class is a good understanding of classical mechanics and of electrodynamics.

There is no recommended textbook for this class. We will be using different chapters from various books (all of which are on reserve in the library) as well as recent review articles.

The class meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00pm, at SO 204.

Homework #5: Due Nov 19, 2015, 1:59pm in class

Instructors: Andew Youdin
Office: Steward Observatory N418, 626-4731
Office hours: Wednesday 1-2pm

Dimitrios Psaltis
Office: Steward Observatory N324, 621-7859
Office hours: Wednesday 1-2pm

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