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Lead Author

Mid-IR Variability and Dust Reverberation Mapping of Low-z Quasars. I. Data, Methods and Basic Results

Lyu, Jianwei ; Rieke, George H.; Smith, Paul S. 2019, ApJ, 886, 33

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Polar Dust, Nuclear Obscuration, and IR SED Diversity in Type-1 AGNs

Lyu, Jianwei & Rieke, George H. 2018, ApJ, 866, 92

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The Intrinsic Far-infrared Continua of Type-1 Quasars

Lyu, Jianwei & Rieke, George H. 2017, ApJ, 841, 76

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Dust-deficient Palomar-Green Quasars and the Diversity of AGN Intrinsic IR Emission

Lyu, Jianwei ; Rieke, George H.; Shi, Yong 2017, ApJ, 835, 257

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The Contribution of Host Galaxies to the Infrared Energy Output of z ≳ 5.0 Quasars

Lyu, Jianwei; Rieke, George H.; Alberts, Stacey 2016, ApJ, 816, 85

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Dust in Active Galactic Nuclei: Anomalous Silicate to Optical Extinction Ratios?

Lyu, Jianwei; Hao, Lei; Li, Aigen 2014, ApJ, 792, 9

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The Far Infrared Emission of the First Massive Galaxies

De Rossi, Maria Emilia; Rieke, George H.; Shivaei, Irene; Bromm, Volker; Lyu, Jianwei 2018, ApJ, 869, 4

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Long Fading Mid-infrared Emission in Transient Coronal Line Emitters: Dust Echo of a Tidal Disruption Flare

Dou, Liming; Wang, Ting-gui; Jiang, Ning; Yang, Chenwei; Lyu, Jianwei Zhou, Hongyan 2016, ApJ, 832, 188

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The WISE Detection of an Infrared Echo in Tidal Disruption Event ASASSN-14li

Jiang, Ning; Dou, Liming; Wang, Tinggui; Yang, Chenwei; Lyu, Jianwei; Zhou, Hongyan 2016, ApJ, 828, 14

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SDSS J163459.82+204936.0: A Ringed Infrared-luminous Quasar with Outflows in Both Absorption and Emission Lines

Liu, Wen-Juan; Zhou, Hong-Yan; Jiang, Ning; Wu, Xufen; Lyu, Jianwei Shi, Xiheng; Shu, Xinwen; Jiang, Peng; Ji, Tuo; Wang, Jian-Guo; Wang, Shu-Fen; Sun, Luming 2016, ApJ, 822, 64

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Ph.D. candidate, Astronomy & Astrophysics

University of Arizona 2014-Now

Thesis Title: "Demystifying the IR SEDs of Type-1 AGNs from z ∼ 0 to z ∼ 6"
Advisor: Prof. George H. Rieke

M.S., Astronomy

Shanghai Astromical Observatory 2011-2014

B.S., Astronomy

University of Science and Technology of China 2007-2011

Research Interests

AGN IR properties and unification; interplay between the AGN torus and host ISM; IR selections of high-z AGNs

black hole/galaxy connection; quasar host galaxies at z~5-7; dwarf galaxies

dust reverberation mappings of extragalactic objects (AGNs, TDEs, etc)

new sciences with future IR missions like JWST, SPICA, OST

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We provide a (semi-)empirical SED library for type-1 AGNs and their host galaxies at github.