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3 October 2010

Dear Adoring Fans,

Just a place holder to say that a race report is in the works. Check back in a few days for details about the race expo, a practice swim in the Potomac River, Saturday’s Inspiration Dinner with my Aunt Mary and cousins as my guests (my Uncle Kenny’s family)—so glad to have them be part of this,  and…THE RACE!

But wait, there's more! No ginsu knives, but in addition to hearing about my Nation's experience, you'll get to read all about how my training to ride 109 miles on my bike in El Tour de Tucson is going! Stay tuned for more...

Fundraising update: You are all amazing! Together we have raised $5435, surpassing my goal of $5000 by 15 September. Let's not stop! Every single donation counts, from $1 to $1000, so please make a generous contribution to our team and help find a cure for blood cancers. This is truly a team effort, and I absolutely couldn’t do this without your support.

I'm participating in this triathlon and century ride in honor of Jan Riggs and in memory of my Uncle Ken Vinograd, my Honored Teammates, as well as in memory of my friend Robb Milacci. I also run in honor of Helena Caicedo, Jon Bart, Gabbi Martin, Daniela Garcia, Gene Espinoza, Joel Zopletal, Brooke Gebow, Nancy Zisook, Lina DiGregorio, Lillian Houser, Karson Walters, Chris Bonham, Major Connelly, and Cousin John. I run in memory of my grandfather, Arthur Vinograd, who died after a long battle with Hodgkin's disease in 1959, my great aunt, Ruth Vinograd, who lost her battle with lymphoma in 1995, Jeffrey Valentino, Howard Friday, Alana Birchim, Kate Wolf, Steve Goodman, Michael Fujimoto, D.J. Herbert, Lillian Aiello, Sherry Brown, Fran Perry, Diane Dhruv, Risa, Karen Collins, Tom Peterson, Scott Lee, Carlos Valencia, Gloria M. Harris, Milford Harris, Clara M. Drobka, Lisa Harris, Fredric Green, Aunt Mary Valentino, Yvonne Dodd, Amy Gery, and Ruthie Hast Polk.

Please click on the links to the left to learn more about what I am doing, why I am doing it, and how you can become involved.

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