I am associate professor of English Applied Linguistics/SLAT in the English Department at the University of Arizona. Broadly, my research focuses on the use of corpus-based discourse analysis to answer questions of relevance for second language studies, sociolinguistics, and applied linguistics. My current research primarily focuses on two contexts of language use: academic writing and spoken health care communication. I study lexico-grammatical, interactional, fluency, and prosodic features from a register and discourse-based approach within these contexts. My goal is to apply my findings to inform teaching, training, and assessment in these settings. I am also interested in the use of technology in language teaching (particularly corpus-based instruction). I run the Corpus Linguistics Research Lab and am currently working with a research group to develop the Corpus and Repository of Writing , a corpus of texts written by 1st year international undergraduates at Purdue.

Research interests: corpus linguistics, EAP, ESP, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, health care communication, L2 academic writing, L2 teaching (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary development), L2 assessment