Hi! My name is Sarah Raskoff and I received my PhD in philosophy at the University of Arizona in Fall 2018. I am now the Bradley Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Department of Political Economy and Moral Science. I work in moral philosophy. My dissertation is mostly about metaethical expressivism, but touches on issues in moral psychology and practical rationality. I also work in medical ethics and am a member of the Bioethics Committee at the University of Arizona Medical Center. Besides philosophy, I love my dog Gemma, rock climbing, taking pictures, and the Golden State Warriors. In January 2018, I took over as Managing Editor for the journal Social Philosophy & Policy.

My CV.

My academia.edu page.

Here is my paper "Getting Expressivism Out of the Woods" published in Ergo vol. 5, no. 26.

Here is the book review I wrote of Matti Eklund's new book Choosing Normative Concepts.

Here is the PEA Soup Ethics review column discussion.

My email address: sraskoff[at]email.arizona[dot]edu.

In Spring 2018, I taught PA/PHIL 321 Medical Ethics. Here is the syllabus.

In Fall 2018, I taught PHIL 322 Business Ethics. Here is the syllabus.

In Spring 2019, I am teaching CHS 309 Ethical Issues Common in the Helping Professions. Here is the syllabus.