Teaching Experience

  1. Professional Training: Graduate Teaching Certificate, University of Arizona

  2. MIS 696A: Readings in MIS

    IA 697A: Learner-Centered Teaching

    IA 697P: College Teaching Practice

  3. Instructor, MIS 111: Computers and Internetworked Society, University of Arizona, Summer 2018

  4. Teacher-Course Evaluation: 4.8 / 5.0

    Class Size: 33

  5. Instructor, Introduction to Data Science (Graduate Level Mini-Couse), Fall 2018
  6. Guest Lecturer, MIS 611A: Design Science Methodologies, University of Arizona, Fall 2017
  7. Guest Lecturer, MIS 611A: Design Science Methodologies, University of Arizona, Fall 2016
  8. Teaching Assistant, MIS 507: Software Design and Integration, University of Arizona, Fall 2016
  9. Teaching Assistant, MIS 507: Software Design and Integration, University of Arizona, Fall 2015

Sample Students' Comments

MIS 111: Computers and Internetworked Society

What did you especialy like about this course?
"Class discussions inspired critical thinking of topics. Also daily discussion of tech news put the class topics into perspective."
"Very useful and I've learned so much from this professor."
"The professor was great, very enthusiastic, made it easy to learn."
"How there is simplicity in the class but the information is extremely useful."
"I enjoyed learning about technology information applied to everyday technologies. The class was very interesting."
"I enjoyed learning how to build a website using html/css ad dreamweaver."
"I enjoyed the assignments as they all were helpful to my overall learning. I really like the milestone projects, when creating the websites using the code. It was a lot of fun, and it was something I had never done before."
"I enjoyed the straight-forward nature of the class, we always knew what we were getting into everyday and it was always consistent."
"I like and appreciate how much work he puts into each one of his slides. The textbook is all but unnecessary due to how thorough they are."
"I liked how is was a very easy going class with simple assignments that teach you new information that is helpful for everyday life."
"I liked what I leaned new skills in this course, which I need in the future."
"I really liked that our instructor was very straight to the point and gave us all the necessary tools need to succeed in the class."
"I think what I have learned will be useful in my future."
"Instructor is really patient."
"It moved at a good pace but still covered all the required material in depth."
"It was very straight to the point and did not try to have filler activities. Every class and activity had a purpose."
"Quick pace but still managed to make the content understandable, I never felt overwhelmed or left behind."
"The knowledge provide with us is really interesting."
"How everything is explained with detail."

What did you especially like about the way this instructor taught the course?
"He always wanted to help and was very kind in comparison to some teachers I've had in the past."
"He encouraged group and class discussions on a daily basis."
"He explained each new MIS vocabulary well. He also organized his slides so that students can understand easier."
"He made sure that we were all on the same page before advancing and made himself available to help."
"I liked that my instructor always made sure that everything that was on the tests were taught in class. He was always interested in the information being taught."
"Our instructor made long lectures very interesting, adding pictures and videos along with group discussions to keep us engaged."
"Lectures were clear and well-organized. By the end of class, I was always aware of what I was expected to get out of the lecture.
"I liked the group discussions that we participated in about every day, and the inclass reviews at the beginning and end of the class."
"He was efficient in his lectures and never went off on a tangent."
"He was very open to our questions and discussions. I like how knowledgeable he was about the topic as well."
"He was very precise, and would give us examples or discussions to help us understand what he was teaching to the class."
"I like how he was able to answer questions with detail."
"Jiaheng Xie knows what he is teaching and he is very nice, and has a lot of patience."
"Professor is so friendly and nice. everything is good."
"He kept the main ideas and never talked about bluffer information. Straight to the point."
"There is a good balance of interactive learning and lecture."
"Very efficient, incorporated videos and group activities.
"Very knowledgeable and nice person. Respectful and eager to help."
"He provide with example with video."

Sample Course Materials

MIS 111: Computers and Internetworked Society