NSCS 344, Week 7:

Assignment 7: Handling data in Matlab

*** Due date: Start of class in Week 8 ***

Part 1: Look at the data (2 points)

Part 2: Plot the choice curves of people (2 points)

Part 3: Plot the softmax choice curve with the human choice curve

Part 4: Process the blink rates (2 points)

Part 5: Individual differences in risk taking (2 points)

Part 6: The correlation between risk taking and blink rate (2 extra credit points)

Part 7: Looking at the relationship between blinks and choice in a different way (2 more extra credit points!)

Another way to look at the effect of blink rate on choice is to compute the choice curves (i.e. pRisk vs EV in Question 1) for high and low blink rate people. To do this, perform a median split on blink rate and compute the choice curves for high and low blink rate people. Does this plot give any additional insight into the relationship between blink rate and risk taking?