Ronald J. Stouffer

Links of interest

Research interests

  • My primary research interest is the study of climate mainly using models. I study climate change, the present climate and past climates.

Current research projects

  • Use of an Earth System Model
    Stouffer is involved in the analyis of Earth System Model output to study climate variability and changes as well as past climates.
  • Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP)
    Stouffer has been a member of the CMIP Panel since it was formed. See the CMIP6 web pages at PCMDI or the WCRP for more information.
  • Manabe Climate Model (MCM_UA) is publically available on GitHub as of June 2017. Also output from MCM_UA has been submitted to CMIP6 and is publically available via the CMIP6 web portals.
  • Developing the Manabe Climate Model for use in paleo-climate studies
  • MCM_UA Documetation Summary is available here.