Jonathan Tullis

Jonathan Tullis is an assistant professor of Educational Psychology, with affiliations in Psychology and Cognitive Science. For more information, click here

Graduate Students

Di Zhang

Di investigates effective learning strategies, metacognitive control, and social/emotional factors in language development. Some specific projects have examined how to improve learners’ conceptual knowledge, how to support the transfer of memory to new contexts, and how to improve the accuracy of metacognitive monitoring.

Sergio Castro

Sergio is a Doctoral student in Educational Psychology. Sergio examines what are the most effective strategies to learn declarative concepts. Other research areas include student success, non-traditional student support, and academic entitlement in college student populations.

Ang Li

Ang is a doctoral candidate whose research focuses on self-regulated learning, including motivation, engagement, academic emotions, and cognition. Her research also centers on STEM education, instructional design, and educational equity.

Jiyu Li

Jiyu Li is a third PhD student in Educational Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science. Jiyu is interested in the mechanisms of self-regulation and memory. More specifically, he studies how learners regulate their (meta)cognition and how they apply self- regulatory strategies across domains.

Hosain Heshmati

Hosain is a PhD student with a master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. His current research investigates the impact of divided attention on metacognition.

Ran Li

Ran is a Doctoral student in Educational Psychology. Her research interests in self-regulation and co-regulation for undergraduate students, mental health, and student success.

Alejandrina Bustamante

Alejandrina is a master's student who is interested in child development. Her research examines child speech development related to Covid-19.

Undergraduate Students

Alex Goldfine

Alex Goldfine is an undergraduate senior majoring in Neuroscience and Cognitive science with an emphasis in Neurobiology. He plans to attend to medical school to pursue a career in medicine. The pathology of learning and memory in neurological diseases is of great interest to him.

Itzi Valenzuela

Itzi Valenzuela is currently a second-year undergrad student majoring in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science. Itzi is interested in the intersection between learning processes and cognitive psychology, relating to special education and neurodevelopmental disorders. In addition to the CAMEL lab, they can also be found at the Arizona Genetics Core lab, genotyping lab mice!

Former Graduate Students

Yaopeng (Sabrina) Peng

Sabrina is currently a Post-Doc researcher at Hunan Univeristy. Sabrina studies metacognitive control of study time allocation and the application of self-determination theory to collectivism.

Leslie Bosch

Leslie Bosch is a national board certified health and wellness coach.

Former Undergraduate Students

Brennen Feder

Brennen Feder works for Procter & Gamble as the Braun Growth Analyst on the Amazon Team.

Dominique Hughes

Dominique is attending graduate school for math.

Helena Rodriguez

Helena is attending graduate school in psychology.