Lester I. McCann

Principal Lecturer
Office: Gould-Simpson 819
Office Hours: On current syllabi & posted outside my office door
Office Phone: (520) 621-3498
Department Fax: (520) 621-4246
E-mail: mccannl@acm.org
Web: http://u.arizona.edu/~mccann/

Brief Biography

Dr. McCann (Ph.D. 1994, North Dakota State University) has been a faculty member in the department since August of 2004. Prior to joining the department, he was a member of the Computer Science faculties of the University of Wisconsin at Parkside and the University of Central Oklahoma, teaching courses on a variety of computer science topics. At Arizona, he teaches Introduction to Discrete Structures (CSc 245), Database Design (CSc 460), and other undergraduate Computer Science courses.

Dr. McCann has served on the ACM SIGCSE symposium committee several times, oversees the CS Section Leader program, advises students, and wonders why there appears to be an inverse relationship between driver attentiveness to bicyclists and the size of the car they drive. He has been honored with the University of Arizona College of Science 2011 Distinguished Early Career Teaching Award, the 2012 University of Arizona Foundation Leicester and Kathryn Sherrill Creative Teaching Award, and three departmental teaching awards (2016, 2015, and 2009).


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Photo Credit: Mark Thaler, UA BioCom, 2012